Assignment 1: Say hello


“You are going to send a ‘greetings card’, telling your tutor about yourself, your interests and inspirations, the materials you feel happy working with and maybe what you would like to get from the course”.

For this assignment, I decided to create an illustration that represented me and four of my biggest inspirations or interests in life.

Additionally, I decided to do this in an illustration of myself and four “bubbles” around it with some of my biggest interests: animals, love, art and music, and nature.

First sketch and ideas
Final illustration #1

But, after creating the final illustration I wasn’t happy with the result. So I decided to start all over again.
This time, I decided to create the illustration using technological art. I started sketching on my Ipad, and immediately liked it better.

Furthermore, the second time around, I decided to not create the four bubbles and instead focus only on the planets, stars, and orbits around my head. I thought that that was a better way to simplify my representation and also make it prettier with a better structure.

The astrological elements represent the very dreamy and creative side of me. I usually find myself daydreaming and thinking differently than most people. I used to not like that or people would tell me that it was childish, but I have learned to love that part of me because it allows me to be more unique and creative.

First sketch
I decided to make it more like a cartoon
I added the astrological elements
Started adding some colours and depth
Final piece #2

Content on the card:

Dear Paul,

My name is Carlota and I am looking forward to these next few years doing this course. I am really excited to learn new techniques and experiment with different artworks.

I am currently in my second year of studying Psychology at university in Spain. I think it is really interesting and that it will help me in life. But I haven’t forgotten about my passion for art. That is why I am taking this course, so I can choose to be an artist.

I hope you liked my card and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Kind regards,



Overall, I am really happy that I tried again and didn’t stick to the first illustration I made. I think I did a much better job the second time around, and made it more professional. And it is important that I am happy with the result due to the fact that it is a presentation of myself.

Finally, I think that I did a good job of representing myself and my essence. And I am glad I only choose to focus on the astrological elements.

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