Exercise 3: Writing a brief

In this exercise, I was asked to create a brief for an artist that I have some kind of connection with. I have chosen Jordi Labanda, he is a Spanish artist whom I have looked up to since I was very little. He was my mom’s favorite artist during my childhood and she would buy me his notebooks, pens, and posters. You could see his work everywhere, he illustrated many magazines and wallpapers for fancy restaurants. 

Additionally, I love his style because it is very fashionable and pretty to look at. As a little kid, I would always want to grow up to be like the people in his illustrations. 

Furthermore, I was asked to write a brief leading to de creation of the chosen artwork of this illustrator.

Brief: Charly’s fashion event

“Dear Jordi,

We need an illustration to represent Charly’s new fashion event. This event will consist of a fashion talk that Charly will give, as well as an announcement for her new brand collaboration. Therefore, we need Charly to appear in the illustration you create, but without being it the central point.

We want the central point to be the type of people that we are advertising this event to anyone who enjoys fashion. We want you to represent a large and different crowd of people attending this event, with unique styles of fashion.

Additionally, it is very important to us that you create a wide range of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds for the crowd, due that we do not want anyone to feel like they are not welcomed to this event.

Overall, we want the mage to make people want to attend this event, could you add food and drinks, and make the people in the crowd smiling and really enjoying themselves.

Furthermore, we need you to create this illustration with certain colors that will complement Charly’s theme for the party and her outfit. These colors are: black, white, yellow and orange. Moreover, we need you to represent Charly with the black turtleneck dress that she will wear, her glasses, and her short black hair.

Finally, the composition of the image should be busy and full; due to the fact that we will not add any phrases or text, we will do that separately.

The illustration that you create, we will use it to represent the event and advertise it to possible clients. We will also put it in posters, cards, Instagram posts, and as wallpaper for the actual event.”

Illustration by Jordi Labanda


It was really interesting to create a brief because I had never done that before, I am always the one receiving them. So I enjoyed doing the process backward, you could say.

I must say, that I am really curious to see what the actual brief for this illustration was (if he had one), and what it was used for. But, I am really please but the brief that I created.

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