Exercise 4: Spider Diagrams

For this exercise, I had to create spider diagrams for this four words:

Seaside – Childhood – Angry – Festival

Below, you can find the diagrams I created. What I wrote in black is what I thought of myself, what I wrote in yellow are words that I found in the internet, and what I wrote in red are words that me and my brother came up with.

Fist spider diagram: “Seaside”
Second spider diagram: “Childhood”
Third spider diagram: “Angry”
Fourth spider diagram: “Festival”

This exercise was easier than I thought, but it took longer than expected. I thought I would have trouble thinking about words, but once I got in the right mindset they would all just come to me.

Additionally, the word that I found easier to make the diagram with was “childhood”. I don’t know exactly why, but a lot of words and feelings came to mind when I was brainstorming. I think it is because it’s the word that I can have more of an emotional connection with, therefore more words came to mind.

Furthermore, when creating the spider diagrams, I created 3 or 4 subcategories and then I just added everything that came to my mind.
Moreover, something that I noticed and found really interesting is that in every diagram I wrote the word “art”, and I didn’t even notice it until the end.

This could be because of my perception of “art” and how I find it everywhere in various forms. I think art and creation are constantly surrounding us, and everybody is an artist. It can be in the way that you dance, or express yourself with makeup, or how someone can get amazed by nature, or your availability to channel your emotions, or how you can relive your memories and also learn from them.


I really liked this exercise, it was something different that I had never done before. It was an interesting experience, and I think I am going to use it in further projects or exercises where I need to really understand or focus on a subject.

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