Exercise 5: Turning words into pictures


Choose a word from the list and draw everything that comes to mind. Don’t be concerned about the accuracy of your drawing or the prettiness of it. Use your drawings as a form of visual shorthand.”

I choose the word “Travel”.

The first thing I did was create a spider diagram because as I learned in the prior exercise, they are very helpful when trying to visualize a specific word.

I wrote down every word that popped into my head when I was thinking about the word “travel”. Then I choose the ones that stood out the most to me, which I highlighted in blue.

Furthermore, I proceeded to start sketching.

Spider diagram of “travel

During the process of creating the following illustrations, I thought that making them using technological art was the better option because then I could make a much cleaner and more professional collage.

Even though it’s all using technology, I tried to experiment with different tools, textures, and colors.

I tried to make different aesthetics and styles but keeping some kind of encompass. And making sure they all complement each other, to fully represent the chosen word.

Pictures of “travel

These are illustrations I created, which represent the concepts that personally remind me of the world “travel”.

Consecutively, you can see the process of creating each illustration with a brief definition of my thought process.

World #1
World final illustration
Dictionary #1
Dictionary #2
Dictionary final illustration
Passport #1
Passport #2
Passport final illsutration
Sunset #1
Sunset #2: Here i tried incorporating a tropical element.
Sunset final illustration: I decided to undue the tropical element and add some clouds instead.
Map #1
Map #2
Map final illustration: I decided to add some more colour and the “map” headline to make it more clear.
Luggage #1
Luggage #2
Luggage final illustration
Bag #1
Bag #2
Bag final illustration
Cocktail #1
Cocktail #2
Cocktail final illustration: I decided to add the umbrella for a more “vacation” feel.
Skyline #1
Skyline #2
Skyline final illustration
Plane #1
Plane #2
Plane #3: I realised that the sky was too dark and the plane is almost not visible.
Plane final illustration: Therefore, I decided to make it a “brighter” night and change the colour of the sky and clouds.


This exercise was really interesting to pursue. It was interesting to see what pictures can represent what word or feeling. And how difficult it can be to do it correctly.

Additionally, I decided to show some members of my family the collage of illustrations I had made and asked them what word came to their mind. My mom and my brother said traveling and my dad said liberty. I think he was influenced by the current situation that we are currently living, where we have to stay at home during an unknown period of time.

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