Exercise 6: Making a mood board


“Choose one of the words from the previous exercise and on a large sheet, begin expanding on the themes and ideas that you identified. Collect swatches of colour and texture too or create your own to establish a palette of colours and repertoire of marks”.

The word that I decided to chose for this exercise was “wild“.

Additionally, I made a spider diagram because in the past exercise this has proven to be the most efficient way to fully understand the potential of a word in order to represent it.

Spider diagram for “wild

The words that I decided to put pictures of, I highlighted in yellow.

Furthermore, in the left top corner, I made a little summary of the elements that I wanted to incorporate in the mood board.

Consequentially, before starting to add images in the actual mood board I created a little base for myself. I added the principal textures and colours that I wanted to boar to have.

Sketch for the mood board.

Then, I started to create the mood board. You can see the thought process in the following images.

Firstly, I decided to add some original photographs that I took in my trips to Kenya and Morocco.

Wild mood board #1
(with only original photography)

Followingly, I started adding photographs that I could find online. I only chose pictures that went with my theme and had the right colours and textures.

Wild mood board #2

When I looked at the overall picture, even though it was finished, there was something that I didn’t like. There was too much detail and it was too busy o¡to keep adding images. So I decided to delete two of my photographs and one that I had made too small. And I also changed the underwater image for a more minimalistic one.

Final “Wild” mood board.

I really like how the mood board came together, I feel like the colours really compliment each other and create the colourful overall feeling that I wanted. Additionally, all the different textures also help achieve the look that I wanted to represent.

On the other hand, I thought it would be nice if I added the original photographs that I used to create the base of this mood board with a small description.

These pictures captured moments of my life where I was surrounded by wildness, therefore I thought they would be perfect to use.

This photograph was taken in a safari in Kenya.
This photograph is of the first sunset that I saw in the Sahara desert.
This photograph was taken in another safari in Kenya, of a nomad walking around.
This photograph was taken in the Sahara desert in the early morning (sunrise), and it features some footprints of an unknown animal.

I used those four photographs to create the base, one for each corner of the mood board. But I also added a small original photograph:

This photograph was also taken in a safari in Kenya where we were lucky enough to see some lions.


This exercise was really interesting because I had never created a mood board before. I even had to do some research to fully understand what it meant.

Additionally, to make sure I did a good job making this mood board I decided to ask my mom and my dad what word popped into their head when they looked at it. And surprisingly they both said “wildness”!

Overall, I learned how to create an ensemble of images to represent a concept or idea. And it was really fun to use some of my original photographs.

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