Exercise 8: Exploring darwinig and painting


“Create a sketchbook with different kinds of coloured and textured papers. Use a variety of surfaces including rough textures such as sugar paper and heavy watercolour paper and smooth, shiny surfaces such as brown paper and cheap typing paper. Collect the sheets together in a binder or with a bulldog clip”.

I started this exercise by selecting three kinds of paper: a shiny smooth white regular paper, (paper 1) a brown paper bag (rough surface)(paper 2), and thick watercolour paper from my sketch book. Furthermore, I collected the materials that I was going to use in these surfaces: HB pencil, markers, black gel pen.

The illustration that I decided to create for this exercise was a cartoon looking cactus. I also decided to create two types of versions of it, one in colour and one in monochrome (black and white) to create more contrast between the two illustrations.

These are the three utensils I used:

HB pencil
6 Pro-markers
Fine line gel black pen

Furthermore, these are the three surfaces that I will work on:

Paper 1 (shiny smooth white regular paper):

Paper 2 (brown paper bag):

Paper 3 (thick watercolour paper):


Paper 1:

Illustration #1

This was my first illustration on the white smooth paper. First I used the HB pencil which worked just fine. And then I used the markers and black pen to create some definition. I found that the pencil would glide on the paper very easily but at the same time this kind of paper made the markers bleed more and look more messy.

Paper 2:

Illustration #2

This surface was the brown recycled bag and it was totally different from my first paper. The pencil was not as noticeable because of the darker color of the paper, but the rough surface helped the ink from the markers to not bleed and to be more precise. Furthermore, the actual colors of the markers weren’t as vibrant because of the darker color of this paper.

Paper 3:

Illustration #3

Lastly, I used a watercolor paper which was a middle grown in between the smooth white paper and the brown recycled bag, because it had the white color of the first paper (which allowed the illustration to have contrast between the colors) and a more rough surface (which allowed the ink from the markers to apply easily).


This exercise made me realise what the impact of choosing your illustration tools can be, regarding the actual drawing utensils and the surface that you choose to create it on. Overall, I liked the coloured markers and black pen illustrations more, because it is more eye-grabbing due to it’s contrast between the colours. Regarding the surfaces that I used, I surprisingly liked the brown paper bag the most, I enjoying it’s different texture all thought it slightly changed the colours of the markers due to it’s darker undertones.

Finally, I would like to say that I decided to add the black gel pen after realizing that the markers on their own didn’t have enough definition and looked messy. But after adding the fine black lines I liked the result a lot more.



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