Exercise 9: An objective drawing

Brief #1

  • Shoe
  • Umbrella
  • Pair of trousers
  • Pair of glasses
  • Hat

“Take an item from the list above and explore it visually to become aware of its textures, physical qualities and function. What is the item for – what does it do?

I decided to choose an umbrella because I thought there could be some interesting elements to work on, such as depth and perspective, shadows, and textures. At the same time, I chose this item because I don’t recall ever drawing an accurate illustration of a an umbrella on its own. Therefore, I thought it could be a new challenge.

I found that this item had a great contrast between the texture of its different parts, specifically between the metal of the cylinder and the textile of the top. Furthermore, three were different positions that this item can stand in, such as closed, open, or open just the stick.


Using a pencil or fine liner do an objective drawing of your object on an A4 sheet. You are trying to achieve a drawing that has a high degree of visual accuracy and is technically controlled. Be analytical and use drawing to clearly convey this visual information”.

I decided to create the illustration positioning the umbrella vertically and opened up, I found this to be the only way it would stay still.

This the reference image:

Progress of the illustration:

In the beginning I found it challenging to get the correct position and angel that the umbrella was in, but after a few tries I could fix the few mistakes I ha previously done. Furthermore, there was a lot of detail and time that I dedicated to the top part of the umbrella due to its patter.


This exercise was challenging for me because I don’t tend to create realistic illustrations, even thought it is a familiar object, I found it challenging to draw it as accurate as possible. But I think I did a good job at successfully completing the task. At the same time, one of the most challenging parts was the element of depth and perspective of this object.

Furthermore, I actually really enjoyed finding and matching the different shades of the real object. And it I can say that I have learned some new techniques when it comes to drawing realistic objects.

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