Assignment 2: Point of sale display


“To create images which will be used within a campaign for a supermarket, to package and promote a range of seasonal foods. Create an illustration of fruit or vegetables. One illustration for each of the ranges: 

  • Summer
  • Autumn

Your images should be objective and based upon direct observation. For each range you may choose an individual piece, dissected or partly sliced sections, or create a group of several pieces.”

I started by experimenting different mediums and I decided to create the illustration using water color and pens because I wanted to create a messy colourful mess defined by the sharp black lines. Because I felt that this could represent fruits and veggies best, due to the fact that food doesn’t look perfect or never looks the same.

First sketches for summer:

#1: First pencil sketch
#2: Added the water colors to get an idea (I didn’t like the colours of the kiwi because I thought they weren’t bright enough, so not enough “summery”)
#3: Created the final sketch
#4: Started adding the water colors
#5: Finishing the water colors
#5: Using a black pen to give some definition to the illustration.
Final illustration

First sketches for autumn:

#1: First pencil sketch
#2: Added the water colors
#3: Created the final pencil sketch
#4: Adding the water colors
Final illustration


I enjoyed creating these two illustrations. I hadn’t thought about how a difference of foods can change the perception and vibe of an entire painting. But using two different palettes of colors really helped enhance this difference.

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