Exercise 14: Illustrating visual space


“Using internet searches or your own visual references select an image of each of these

  • A tree
  • A child running or walking
  • A building

Photocopy them in black and white at different scales and sizes so that you have several versions of each image. Cut them into individual items with which to work. Working with a square format, arrange some of the cut-outs to create a representational image. You may use the distortion of the scale of one element compared to another to create an image which is interesting visually. It is not important that the image is ‘real’ as a photograph would be. Move the fragments so they are not always vertical or horizontal to the frame.”

These are the images I choose for my collage:

Then I started the process of blending them all together in a composition I enjoyed:

Final image

Brief #2

Scan and print or photocopy these designs or do a quick trace of each design so that you can compare the visual impact of one with another. Then in your learning log make notes in answer to these questions:

  • How does your sense of the image and it’s meaning change when the figure is smaller than the other elements?

In this collage the sizing of the elements was a key step to creating the visual I wanted. Due to the fact that I transformed a normal house in to a tree house (much smaller and higher). Without these changes it would not be credible.

  • If the elements are at differing angles to each other and at an angle to the frame, what dynamic is suggested?

The positioning of the elements is another crucial step to making it blend together. For example, I had to slightly change the shape por the house to make the angles work, and I also had to delete some of its parts to create the illusion that it was behind the tree

  • If all the elements are completely horizontal and vertical in relation to the frame what dynamic is suggested? What is your opinion about this image and what sensation does it communicate?

It creates a clear perspective, giving the image more credibility. In this case, the fact that the child, house, and tree are in proportions to each other helps the viewer perceive the image in a more trusting way.

  • Which is your favourite composition? Explain why you feel it is most successful.

I really enjoyed how by adjusting the positioning, sizing, and some angles of the house it completely changes into a tree house. I feel like it is quite accurate and I am pleased with the final image. I also like that the lower horizontal line (where the floor meets the tree branches) gives more perspective to the image.


I relay enjoyed this exercise, it made me come out of my comfort zone. I rarely use photoshop or make collages using several images found online. But I am pleased with the final result.

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