Exercise 16: Image development


“Cut two ‘L’ shapes of card or stiff paper. You are going to use them to explore formats, to zoom in and out of compositions. Take an image which has a range of content – a family photo, and interior from a magazine or another artist’s work – and enlarge it to A4 and make ten copies. Scenes with action with a background and foreground can be most useful for this kind of exercise. Use the ‘L’s to create edited versions of each image. Retain the content but try presenting it in different ways in different formats. Repeat this using all of your photocopies. Do some images seem to have more drama because of the way you have cropped them? Has the focus changed – have you made the original subject of the image seem more or less important?”

This is the image I choose, of a family vacation.


“Using one of the images as a basis for an illustration, draw up your artwork to make a poster. Add colours and textures to emphasise your message. Use the word you selected as the title and reproduce it in a typeface you feel suggests or reflects the meaning of the word itself. Position the text alongside the image.”

I choose this image
The final illustration
Final illustration


I quite liked the final result, I thought it could be used as a poster in schools or educational buildings to motivate students to read more! I am pleased with the dark background, I am happy that I changed it. I overall really enjoyed this exercise.

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