Exercise 18: Giving instructions


Using the internet, magazines, reference books leaflets, brochures and flyers make a collection of examples and reference materials that can help you with an illustration to fit one of the categories below.

Making a cup of tea          Getting to my house          Playing a tune on an instrument

For the first part of the brief, I pulled together some images from the internet showing the different stages of getting to my house.

These are shown below:

I then proceeded to create some rough sketches to see which layout worked the best and how many images I would need to provide correct instructions for the task.
In the images below you will see that I created a timeline of 6 images.

Then I proceeded to finish all the illustrations, where I decided to add a pop of color to the main character to represent consistency and bring attention to the fact that it is the main character and the “story” revolves around her and her way home.

Consequently, I also made an option with some descriptive tittles:


This exercise made me choose a certain amount of necessary visuals to represent in the illustration. It made me only choose the necessary images to addd to the exercise. This is an important concept for me due to the fact that I usually have a hard time choosing content or ideas to develop.

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